7 Tips for a Dog Safe 4th of July


I’ve heard it said, and am not surprised, that more dogs run away on July 4th than any other day of the year. The booms, thuds and bright lights of fireworks that make us go “Oooooh” and “Ahhhhhh” make dogs say “Get me out of here” and that’s precisely what they try to do. They want to avoid the chaos and go somewhere calm, little do they realize that running in any random direction will do them no good. So PLEASE, this 4th of July take some extra precautions to keep your pups safe.

Seven Tips for a Safe July 4 with your Dog

1. ID

Double check to make sure your dogs are wearing their ID tags with a properly fitting collar. I know I’m guilty of letting mine roam the yard without them on ocassion but for the few days before and after the 4th they are mandatory. Just in case tips 2-7 fall through, this is your backup. (I also recommend you considering microchipping since collars and tags can get lost just as easily as a dog. Our dogs have HomeAgain but I believe there are several options on the market.)

2. Exercise

Help your dog burn off some extra energy with a long walk or run earlier in the day. Burning off some extra energy will help them relax and timing this for earlier in the day lessons the chance of any stray fireworks. Be prepared with an extra grip on the leash though as youth with whipper snappers (a.k.a. whip-its, snappers, poppers, whip ‘n pops) often start earlier in the day.

3. Stay

Keep your dogs inside. If at all possible, especially if you have a dog with a history of anxiety, stay home with her. Resist all temptations to take dogs to fireworks with you, it is never a good idea. If you need to take your dog outside for a bathroom break, keep them on a leash – even in your fenced yard and have a flashlight ready in case she bolts on you.

4. Protect

Keep windows, curtains and doors shut. If you have guests make sure they are aware that all pets need to stay inside and should only be escorted out by you. Keeping the doors and windows shut will stop any escapes and will also help cut down on noise that may cause your dog anxiety. Keeping curtains shut will help block out the bright, flashing lights.

5. Provide

Provide a safe place for dogs to chill out. Many dogs prefer to retreat to small enclosed areas when stressed or frightened, if your dog is comfortable in a crate make sure you provide them that option.

6. Avoid

Keep fireworks away from dogs. Do not set off fireworks near or around your pets. Aside from the danger of your pets running away, your pets curiosity may prove a dangerous combination with open flames and explosives. Keep your dogs safely inside. Even unlit fireworks can be dangerous to dogs if chewed or ingested so keep them out of reach.

7. Distract

A favorite toy or special treat can help distract from firework chaos. To make the treat last longer try one of the coolest toys we’ve found. The gimme gummy has a hollow center that can be filled with treats and frozen or is even OVEN safe to 450 degrees so you can also bake treats right inside! How awesome is that?! Check out treat and stuffing recipes here!

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