Best Eco Friendly Soft Toys for Dogs

Sometimes dogs just want a soft, cuddly toy to play with or curl up with for a nap. These are a few of our favorite plush dog toys with eco friendly features.

Our Top 3 Soft Eco Friendly Dog Toys For Cuddle Time

squirrel dog toy

1. Wool Squirrel Dog Toy

Your dog’s dream come true, a squirrel to snuggle with! Adorable, little critter that your pup will love as much as you do!

  • 100% all natural boiled wool

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2. Organic Caterpillar Dog Toy

Maggie the multicolor caterpillar has so many legs she can even entertain multiple pups!

  • Colored by nature and 100% certified Non-Toxic
  • Made from organic cotton

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3. P:eco Penguin Dog Toy

This cute penguin is environmentally responsible and thoughtfully designed. Great for outdoor play and it floats! Squeaky center provides hours of fun for your dog.

  • Outer shell: blend of certified organic cotton and fibers from recycled plastic bottles
  • EU approved dyes and process
  • Low impact manufacturing

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