Best Eco Friendly Toys for Senior Dogs

As my own dogs inch closer to the senior phase of life I am finding myself more and more interested in toys and products that are tailored to senior dogs. Of course, our top three choices for senior dog toys follow our standard of safe and responsible pet care.

Our Top 3 Toys for Senior Dogs

8in_Split_dog_elk_antler 1. Split Elk Antlers

I’ve sung the praises of elk antler dog chews on a number of occasions. These are, by far, my favorite dog toy to recommend for tough chewers. Chewing is an important part of keeping dogs healthy so finding a toy that they can chew on for hours and won’t get destroyed is a challenge for every pup parent. Elk antlers last a really long time, dogs love them and they are 100% natural. But the health benefits of antler chews for dogs are also amazing.

  • Relieve joint stiffness
  • Support positive kidney function
  • Increase bone density
  • Boost energy levels
  • Aid muscle recovery
  • Stimulate and strengthen immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase red blood cell production and circulation
  • Aid in treatment of arthritis
  • Enhance ability to cope with stress – physical, emotional and chemical

Now the best part… our elk antlers come in a split version which are great for senior dogs, teething puppies and dogs with poor teeth. Split antlers allow a dog to easily get at the marrow and the marrow acts like a natural toothbrush! Buy now.

1085 Orbee-tuff Whistle Ball 2. Glow in the Dark Whistle Dog Ball

Even senior dogs have a desire to play and should be encouraged to stay as active as possible to remain in good health. This glow in the dark ball makes a fun whirring whistle when thrown to help catch the attention of senior dogs that may be suffering from reduced vision. We also love that this ball is non-toxic, recyclable and made in the USA. Buy now.

Old-Soul-Bone-with-Dog-380x380 3. Old Soul Dog Bone

Planet Dog has risen to the occasion by making a dog bone specifically for senior dogs that addresses the issues every dog experiences as they grow older – reduced vision and snout strength, weakened jaw muscles, and brittle teeth. These bones provide a good gummy chew with a double minty flavor and make a clicking sound when squeezed together that increases engagement. The bones are non-toxic, recyclable, made in the USA and available in three sizes.

Buy now.

Always supervise pets when playing with toys and purchase toys of appropriate size for your pup!

What’s your senior pup’s favorite toy?

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