Best Eco Friendly Toys for Small Dogs

We know small dogs still need tough toys to hold up in play time, they just need them in a smaller size! Here are a few of our favorite dog toys for little pups who still want big fun!

Our Top 3 Eco Friendly Dog Toys For Small Dogs

small dog tug toy

1. Mini Sqwuggie Dog Toy

Squeakable, tuggable, durable, colorful, whimsical, fetchable, floatable – phew these toys rock! Specifically developed for dogs with little mouths.

  • Tough Fire Hose – Durable but Not Indestructible
  • Safe and Strong Construction
  • Machine Wash (with your jeans!), Air Dry
  • Made from Pre-consumer Recycled Materials
  • Made in USA

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elk antler buttons for dogs

2. Elk Antler Button Dog Chews

It can be difficult to find high quality and healthy chew toys that are the right size for small dogs. We love these Elk Antler Button dog chews because they offer the same benefits as the big antlers for large dogs but in a tiny size for tiny pups!

  • 100% natural
  • No preservatives, chemicals or additives
  • For healthy teeth and gums
  • Made in USA
  • From elk ranch raised in a safe, controlled environment where the elk are tested annually for diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease and TB

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eco friendly bear dog toy

3. Bamboo Bear Dog Toy

This fun bear will be your small dog’s best friend for cuddling, tugging, squeaking and all around play.

  • Colored by nature
  • 100% certified Non-Toxic
  • Chemical free
  • Made from bamboo rayon

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Always supervise pets when playing with toys and purchase toys of appropriate size for your pup!

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