Best Food Dispensing Toys for Dogs

Dogs truly love working for their food, some say it’s because of their animal instinct and others say it’s just because they find it more fun but either way you spin it – dogs truly do seem to enjoy interactive play for food.

If you have a dog that seems to gulp their food down and is at risk for bloat or is a little on the heavy side and could use some extra exercise – ahem, Luca – then you can feed them their entire meal in an interactive toy!

Of course our top treat dispensing dog toys are all non-toxic and fully recyclable as every good dog toy should be!

Our Top, Eco Friendly, Interactive Dog Toys that Dispense Treats

1. Mazee Brain Teaser

mazee dog brain teezer

An engaging toy that “teases” the dog even more since they can actually see the treats inside but need to find a way to get them out!

  • non-toxic
  • recyclable
  • made in USA
  • 100% guaranteed

2. Dog Dizzy Puzzle

dog dizzy

A rolling good time, this bottom weighted ball always stops with the hole up to make the game more challenging.

  • made with non-toxic plastic
  • recyclable

3. Dog Pyramid Puzzle


This is puzzle that puts up a fight. Your pup will enjoy the challenge of trying to get this toy to tip just right and reward them with a treat!

  • made with non-toxic plastic
  • recyclable
Always supervise pets when playing with toys and purchase toys of appropriate size for your pup!

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