Best Puzzle Toys for Dogs

I absolutely love the wooden dog puzzles from Nina Ottosson. These interactive dog toys are great for creating stimulating play with your dog. Keep their minds sharp and enjoy a chance to bond with your dog over these fun toys. Here are a few of our favorites…

These toys are not intended for unsupervised play and are not chew toys.

Our Top Interactive Puzzle Toys for Dogs

1. Dog Worker Wooden Dog Puzzle

The Dog Worker is possibly the most versatile interactive dog game from Nina Ottosson yet. Consisting of liftable pegs, sliding pegs and a rotating center disc, this is the ultimate wooden dog toy puzzle. Depending on how you set up the puzzle, it can be used as a level 1, level 2 or level 3 game for your dog.

Level 1 – Easy: Hide treats in all compartments underneath the rotating disc and underneath all the blocks that can be lifted, and let the dog try to find the treats.

Level 2 – Medium: Unscrew the rotating disc and put treats underneath all blocks that lift or slide. The dog has to both lift and slide blocks in order to find the treats.

Level 3 – Difficult: Hide treats underneath all the blocks, both those that slide and those that can be lifted, as well as in all compartments underneath the rotating disc. The dog has to spin the disc to the right position so that block after block is exposed and can be pulled out and thereby reveal the treats.

  • Let the dog watch when you hide treats underneath the blocks. Start by putting treats underneath all blocks, both those that slide and those that can be lifted, as well as all compartments underneath the rotating disc.
  • The dog is supposed to spin the rotating disc to the right position in order to expose and lift block after block, and thereby find all the treats. Start by hiding treats underneath one of the “free” blocks inside the rotating disc, so the dog understands how to work with the block. When you see that the dog understands how the game works, you can place the blocks and the rotating disc so the blocks are not free, and thereby make the dog work harder to find the treats.…..
  • Now you can hide treats without showing your dog how many you hide and where you hide them….

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2. Dog Twister Wooden Dog Puzzle

This challenging new dog game from Nina Ottosson requires your dog to locate the hidden treats by moving the interlocked segments around the circular puzzle in different directions with either his paw or his nose. To increase the difficulty, various segments can be locked in position with the accompanying wooden pegs.

Level 2 – Medium: The dog is to learn to look for treats by moving one disc after another in different directions. Beneath the discs are compartments where you can hide treats. The discs can also be locked in position with wooden pegs in little holes between the discs.

Level 3 – Difficult: Make it more difficult by locking the discs in position by placing the wooden pegs in the holes between the discs. The dog has to learn to loosen the discs by lifting the pegs one by one in order to be able to move the discs and thereby finding the treats. Start by locking a few of the discs in position. When the dog has learned what to do, you can lock all the discs in position using all the pegs.

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3. Dog Tornado Wooden Dog Puzzle

This dog puzzle from Nina Ottosson has four layers with rotating discs. Three of these layers have recesses for concealing treats. Your dog is required to rotate the discs with his paw or nose in order to reveal and retrieve his reward.

Level 2 – Medium: DogTornado has four layers with rotating discs, with 3 layers that have compartments for hiding dog snacks. Your dog should rotate each layer’s disc to find the hidden dog snacks!

Level 3 – Difficult: When your dog understands how to play the game, you can vary the game by hiding a different amount of snacks per round. How long you can play depends on your dog. You can lock the discs with the included black pegs or big DogSmart blocks or a rolled-up piece of cloth or paper, so the dog has to remove it before he/she can rotate the discs.

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Statement from manufacturer Nina Ottosson: Quality and environment We use only the very best materials in the care and safety for our dogs, ranging from packaging to the smallest detail can be submitted for recycling or incineration.

Our choice of materials Wooden toys are made of Swedish Karlit MDF Board, which is the cleanest and brightest on the market, and is the only one in all markets that are certified, No. 147,301 & 147,302, and approved in accordance with the Swedish and California’s tough rules for composite panels applicable environmental and health, which is an important factor because these games will be used by both my dogs and your dogs.

Karlit MDF board is a natural product and is made from wood from Swedish forests. The raw material has not tainted by previous use or involvement of foreign and dangerous substances, which otherwise is very common in other similar MDF boards with darker color. Discarded wood-based products can be disposed of at landfill sites, where wood fractions can be chipped and used as pellets or as fuel. Used discs are an excellent fuel. Carbon dioxide emissions from burning of wood does not affect the greenhouse effect. The ash from Karlit MDF Board, which has not been surface treated or treated otherwise, can be traced to the natural cycle and is thus a recirculating nutrient resource.

All wood blocks in our wooden games are made of hard and dense wood from Swedish beech trees. In all of our plastic toys, we have only used non-toxic and recyclable plastic such as PE and PP plastic, and can thus be submitted to the environmental stations with recycling of plastics. In most of the plastic parts for our wooden games, we use an environmentally friendly plastic, consisting of 40% plastic and 60% wood shavings.

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