Busting Dog Boredom

Nina Ottosson dog tornado

Nina Ottosson dog tornado

Well, it is yet another day well below freezing outside in the middle of winter and the dogs are longingly staring out the window. No more squirrels and rabbits to chase, no more rolling in the leaves or long leisurely walks. Winter time means time to find more indoor activities to keep the dogs entertained. Although Emi is quite satisfied curling up for the day with an occasional belly rub, Luca gets a little restless on days like this.

When it comes to keeping their minds sharp and stimulated I LOVE the Nina Ottosson dog games and puzzles. You can set them to multiple levels of hardness so the toys keep their interest for a long time, perhaps longer in the winter. This is also great if you have dogs with different levels of aptitude. I will say Emi and Luca do not excel at the same games, but they both enjoy the Nina Ottosson interactive toys when they are adjusted to their own skill level.

Although dried kibble is the go-to treat to hide in the toys, the dogs go nuts when a few of the compartments have a tiny piece of shredded cheese waiting for them. If you have a dog that isn’t too interested in searching for their same old food this might be a good way to spark their interest.

Remember not to overdue their calorie intake for the day when adding treat dispensing toys to their activities. If you have a dog that tends to scarf down meals, serving their meals using interactive toys like this might be a great way to help prevent bloat.

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Always supervise pets when playing with toys and purchase toys of appropriate size for your pup!

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