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Best Hemp Dog Toys

Why choose hemp dog toys?

Hemp products are TOUGH and much stronger than cotton dog toys so they hold up longer, meaning you buy less toys.

Hemp products are NATURALLY anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, mildew-free and rot-free so they stay clean and smell free, meaning a healthy toy choice for your dog and less need for washing.

Hemp is a plant and is 100% BIODEGRADABLE which makes it easy on the earth at the end of its useful life. No worry about the toys spending hundreds of years taking up space in landfills.

Our Top 3 Hemp Dog Toys


1. Eco-Owl Hemp Dog Toy

You are your dog’s best friend. The Eco Owl Buddy will be his second-best friend. It’s a natural hemp dog toy for him to carry around and snuggle with.

  • Outer layer: 100% natural, sustainable HEMP canvas
  • Inner layer: organic wool
  • Non-toxic, lead free, chemical free
  • Machine washable and dryable

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Hemp Rope

2. Hemp Rope Dog Toy

Not that attractive but what the hemp rope dog toy lacks in the looks department it more than makes up for in their charm. Dogs love these ropes – absolutely love them. Plus you can feel great about providing an earth-friendly toy for your earth-loving dog!

  • 100% Romanian grown hemp
  • Handmade in USA

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eco friendly dog toy

3. Eco-Rattler Hemp Dog Toy

We have answered the demand for durable squeak toys for dogs. The Eco Rattler, made of durable HEMP canvas, has a double-sewn safety squeaker. And it floats for extra fun in the water!

  • Outer layer: 100% natural, sustainable HEMP canvas
  • Inner layer: organic wool
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, anti microbial
  • Machine washable and dryable

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Favorite 4th of July Dog Toys

A little patriotic Red, White and Blue fun for the pups – of course all these dog toys are Made in USA!

Our Top 3 Patriotic Dog Toys


1. Double Tug Dog Toy

Great for training, tug, schutzhund, agility, flyball, ultimate vertical and just plain 4th of July fun!

  • No metal or squeakers
  • Made from pre-consumer recycled materials
  • Made in USA

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1085 Orbee-tuff Whistle Ball

2. Glow in the Dark Whistle Dog Ball

OOOOOHHHH! AHHHHHHHH! WHIZZZZZZZZZ! Just like a firework, this fun dog ball glows in the dark and whistles! Making your holiday fun even more joyous!

  • Non Toxic
  • Recyclable
  • Made in USA

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3. Frequent Flyer Dog Toy

Flying high as the fireworks (well almost) – this great dog toy flys, squeaks and floats! Extra tough, made from pre-consumer recycled fire hose.

  • Safe and Strong Construction
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in USA

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Best Dog Toys for Water Play

Summer time and the playing is grrrrreat! Here are a few of our favorite toys for water games with your pup!

Our Top 3 Green Dog Toys For Playing in the Water


1. Crinkits Dog Toy

One of our favorite new dog toys, just in time for summer fun and playing in the water. Crinkits turns an ordinary plastic water bottle into safe and eco-friendly play time for your dog. Plus it’s great for senior dogs!

  • Made in the USA from USA sourced materials
  • Floats
  • BPA and Phthalates free
  • FDA approved material called ZIGFLEX

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dock diving training toy

2. Katie’s Bumper Dog Toy

Let’s face it, bumpers were made for water play but they’re not all made like Katie’s Bumpers! Made with EVA plastic that is lighter than water so if your dog punctures the toy (or chews on it) it will still float so it’s perfect for water play!

  • Innovative Tabless Bumper Design
  • Durable, But Not Indestructible
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • #4 Recyclable Plastic
  • Made in USA

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3. P:eco Penguin Dog Toy

What’s better than a cute floating penguin dog toy? Any eco-friendly one! We LOVE P:eco for summer play outside!

  • Outer shell: blend of certified organic cotton and fibers from recycled plastic bottles
  • Easily brushes clean of dirt and leaves from outside play
  • Machine wash/dry
  • EU approved dyes and process
  • Low impact manufacturing

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Best Green Dog Toys to Celebrate Earth Day With

Of course Earth Day is one of our favorite days of the year at Pup’s Place and that means it’s time to play!

Our Top 3 Green Dog Toys For Earth Day

eco friendly dog toy

1. Eco Rattler Dog Toy

I won’t lie, real snakes make me squirm and I definitely don’t want to see my dogs playing with them but this cute Eco Rattler Snake Dog Toy makes getting back to nature for Earth Day so much fun! Made by Honest Pet Products from durable HEMP canvas, with a double-sewn safety squeaker. And it floats for extra fun in the water! Continue reading

Best Puzzle Toys for Dogs

I absolutely love the wooden dog puzzles from Nina Ottosson. These interactive dog toys are great for creating stimulating play with your dog. Keep their minds sharp and enjoy a chance to bond with your dog over these fun toys. Here are a few of our favorites…

These toys are not intended for unsupervised play and are not chew toys.

Our Top Interactive Puzzle Toys for Dogs

1. Dog Worker Wooden Dog Puzzle

The Dog Worker is possibly the most versatile interactive dog game from Nina Ottosson yet. Consisting of liftable pegs, sliding pegs and a rotating center disc, this is the ultimate wooden dog toy puzzle. Depending on how you set up the puzzle, it can be used as a level 1, level 2 or level 3 game for your dog.

Level 1 – Easy: Hide treats in all compartments underneath the rotating disc and underneath all the blocks that can be lifted, and let the dog try to find the treats.

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Best Eco Friendly Soft Toys for Dogs

Sometimes dogs just want a soft, cuddly toy to play with or curl up with for a nap. These are a few of our favorite plush dog toys with eco friendly features.

Our Top 3 Soft Eco Friendly Dog Toys For Cuddle Time

squirrel dog toy

1. Wool Squirrel Dog Toy

Your dog’s dream come true, a squirrel to snuggle with! Adorable, little critter that your pup will love as much as you do!

Best Eco Friendly Toys for Small Dogs

We know small dogs still need tough toys to hold up in play time, they just need them in a smaller size! Here are a few of our favorite dog toys for little pups who still want big fun!

Our Top 3 Eco Friendly Dog Toys For Small Dogs

small dog tug toy

1. Mini Sqwuggie Dog Toy

Squeakable, tuggable, durable, colorful, whimsical, fetchable, floatable – phew these toys rock! Specifically developed for dogs with little mouths.

  • Tough Fire Hose – Durable but Not Indestructible
  • Safe and Strong Construction
  • Machine Wash (with your jeans!), Air Dry
  • Made from Pre-consumer Recycled Materials
  • Made in USA Continue reading

Best Eco Friendly Toys for Large Dogs

We know big dogs play hard and need toys that can keep up with them. Here are a few of our favorites that hold up to even the toughest dogs!

Our Top 3 Eco Friendly Dog Toys For Large Dogs

stuffable dog toy

1. Tux Interactive Dog Toy

The perfect combination of a tough, stuffable chew toy and a fun, tossable dog toy. Tux is pliable, bounces, and floats – plus it’s guaranteed durable. Big dogs love this interactive and multipurpose toy!

Cute, Eco-Friendly Easter Toys for Dogs

What pup doesn’t deserve an extra special Easter basket with a lovable new toy that will last long past spring!

Our Top 3 Eco Friendly Dog Toys For Easter

Lolly Lamb Dog Toy

1. Organic Pink Lamb Dog Toy

Lolly the Lamb is the cutest little lamb your pup could cuddle with.

Colored by nature, 100% certified non-toxic,
and made from organic cotton. Buy now.

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Best Food Dispensing Toys for Dogs

Dogs truly love working for their food, some say it’s because of their animal instinct and others say it’s just because they find it more fun but either way you spin it – dogs truly do seem to enjoy interactive play for food.

If you have a dog that seems to gulp their food down and is at risk for bloat or is a little on the heavy side and could use some extra exercise – ahem, Luca – then you can feed them their entire meal in an interactive toy!

Of course our top treat dispensing dog toys are all non-toxic and fully recyclable as every good dog toy should be!

Our Top, Eco Friendly, Interactive Dog Toys that Dispense Treats

1. Mazee Brain Teaser

mazee dog brain teezer

An engaging toy that “teases” the dog even more since they can actually see the treats inside but need to find a way to get them out!