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Great Toy For Dog Training

bottle tracker dog toy

In honor of January being National Train Your Dog Month, we’re taking a closer look at some of our great, eco friendly dog training toys.

One that we think is pretty cool, not only because it’s made from recycled and tough fire house, but because it’s so versatile is the Bottle Tracker! The Bottle Tracker dog toy can be made into a new dog toy each time you use it – your dog won’t lose interest and you get more play for your money!

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Indoor Obstacle Course for Dogs

Too cold or wet to play outside? Just like with kids, sometimes you need to get a little creative to keep the dogs entertained. One of our favorite boredom busters is creating an indoor obstacle course using every day objects. In this video you can see how incorporating basic dog commands such as “off” and “shake” can be turned into a fun and rewarding game to keep dog training fun!

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Busting Dog Boredom

Nina Ottosson dog tornado

Nina Ottosson dog tornado

Well, it is yet another day well below freezing outside in the middle of winter and the dogs are longingly staring out the window. No more squirrels and rabbits to chase, no more rolling in the leaves or long leisurely walks. Winter time means time to find more indoor activities to keep the dogs entertained. Although Emi is quite satisfied curling up for the day with an occasional belly rub, Luca gets a little restless on days like this.

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National Train Your Dog Month

Emi and Luca, dogs walking on beach

Luca and Emi roam the beach, of course Emi is on a lead.

Well the new year is fully upon us and along with the resolutions we make for ourselves, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about some resolutions for our dogs. I’m sure there is at least one thing your dog could benefit from learning this year. Emi and Luca seem to be complete opposites when it comes to what they want to learn and what they choose not to. Both of our dogs went to training classes when they were about one year old, which was the time that each of them came into our lives or else I probably would have taken them sooner. Continue reading

Fun, Eco-Friendly Toys for Training Your Dog

We fully believe training should be fun and these toys are fun for all! Of course, our top three choices for training toys follow our standard of safe and responsible pet care.

Our Top 3 Fun Toys for Training Your Dog

fetch training toy for dogs 1. Scent Recognition

Use the Stuff ‘N Fetch It dog training toy to teach a variety of skills including scent recognition, retrieving, contra-band training, and search & rescue training. Fill with treats or scenting materials then toss or hide the pouch. When your dog returns it reward with a treat. Velcro closure makes it easy to access.

Katie’s Bumpers are made from tough, pre-consumer recycled fire hose material. Machine wash and air dry. Great for land, water or snow. Made in USA.

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Best Dog Training Book

Other End of the Leash One of my favorite books and an important read for any pup parent is The Other End of the Leash by Certified Animal Behaviorist Patricia McConnell, Ph. D.

Fascinating, insightful, and compelling, here is a book that connects you with your dog in a completely new way.

It will make you laugh at yourself while learning a lot about the “obvious” mistakes us humans make in raising our four-legged friends. This “dog training” book is actually an analysis of  human communication with dogs and will Continue reading