Cute, Eco-Friendly Easter Toys for Dogs

What pup doesn’t deserve an extra special Easter basket with a lovable new toy that will last long past spring!

Our Top 3 Eco Friendly Dog Toys For Easter

Lolly Lamb Dog Toy

1. Organic Pink Lamb Dog Toy

Lolly the Lamb is the cutest little lamb your pup could cuddle with.

Colored by nature, 100% certified non-toxic,
and made from organic cotton. Buy now.


2. Bamboo Frog Dog Toy

Your pup will jump for joy with this fun frog to celebrate with!

Colored by nature, 100% certified non-toxic, chemical free and made with sustainable bamboo. Buy now.


3. Durable Puppy Bones

Forget the Easter hunt, your pup’s search for the perfect bone is over with the Orbee-tuff teether!

Non-toxic, recyclable and made in USA. Buy now.

Always supervise pets when playing with toys and purchase toys of appropriate size for your pup!

We LOVE to Hear Your Comments

Jackson says:

Hooray for these eco friendly toys. I’ve been trying in my neck of the woods to push local pet stores to be more sustainable in every way. These toys might be a wonderful way to start. I also wonder how many terminal diseases in dogs are owed to toxins they inadvertently ingest via toxic toys? I’m sure someone will perform a study at some point, if they haven’t already.

TopDog says:

Hi Jackson, Glad you’re encouraging your local stores to be more sustainable. Stores react to consumer requests so keep up the work! There are recent studies done showing phthalates and BPA in many dog toys that can be leaked through the chewing process and although the long term health studies have not been conducted, consumers are right to worry. We do know that BPA and phthalates have health effects on humans and it’s only logical to believe the same would be true of other species. That is why we at believe in the toddler rule – if you wouldn’t allow your toddler to put it in their mouth you shouldn’t allow your dog to. We provide safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly dog products to keep your pups happy and healthy!