Dog Naming 101


Naming your dog doesn’t have to be complicated. Here a few simple tricks we find helpful.

1. If the dog is a boy, name it Buddy.

2. If the dog is a girl, name it Princess.

3. If the dog is loud, name it Boomer.

4. If the dog is spotted, name it Spot. Warning, if the dog has only one large spot, you’ll want to name it Patch instead.

5. If the dog is large and fluffy, name it Bear. We’ve also heard the option Teddy but that doesn’t sound nearly as fun as yelling “Bear!” as you run through the park.

6. If the dog is small, name it Minnie. *Full disclosure, we do have a Minnie on staff so we do give preference to this name.

7. If the dog is a bit (or a lot) stocky, name it Rocky.

8. If the dog is funny (can be either funny looking or with a funny personality), name it Barney.

9. If the dog is a rescue, name it Lucky – or Chance – or whatever you want, just give it a loving home.

We’d love to hear how you named your dog, let us know in the comments below!

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