Fun, Eco-Friendly Toys for Training Your Dog

We fully believe training should be fun and these toys are fun for all! Of course, our top three choices for training toys follow our standard of safe and responsible pet care.

Our Top 3 Fun Toys for Training Your Dog

fetch training toy for dogs 1. Scent Recognition

Use the Stuff ‘N Fetch It dog training toy to teach a variety of skills including scent recognition, retrieving, contra-band training, and search & rescue training. Fill with treats or scenting materials then toss or hide the pouch. When your dog returns it reward with a treat. Velcro closure makes it easy to access.

Katie’s Bumpers are made from tough, pre-consumer recycled fire hose material. Machine wash and air dry. Great for land, water or snow. Made in USA.

2. Dock Diving

dock diving training toyDock diving is a sport in which dogs compete in jumping for distance from a dock into a body of water. While the competitive side of the sport continues to grow, it’s just as fun to teach your dog some basic tricks of the trade. The Just Plain Bumper is an easy to see fetch and retrieve training toy that includes a 12″ floating rope for easy throwing. This durable toy is the hot, new water toy on the market made with EVA plastic so if your dog punctures the toy it will still float!

Katie’s Bumpers are made from safe #4 recyclable plastic. Phthalate free. Dishwasher safe. Great for land, water or snow. Made in USA.

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3. Disc Dog

hemp dog frisbee Distance catching and freestyle catching are both exciting to watch and the sport is easily played in your own backyard or leashless park.

For an extra-durable option we love the Eco-Fetcher, 100% natural and earth-friendly disc that flies as well as floats. The hemp construction stands up to even the toughest dogs. Non-toxic, lead-free and eco-friendly ink. Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Made in Green Bay, Wisconsin by adults with disabilities.

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Always supervise pets when playing with toys and purchase toys of appropriate size for your pup!

What’s your pup’s favorite training toy?


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