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bottle tracker dog toy

In honor of January being National Train Your Dog Month, we’re taking a closer look at some of our great, eco friendly dog training toys.

One that we think is pretty cool, not only because it’s made from recycled and tough fire house, but because it’s so versatile is the Bottle Tracker! The Bottle Tracker dog toy can be made into a new dog toy each time you use it – your dog won’t lose interest and you get more play for your money!

Big enough to hold a plastic water bottle, a couple of tennis balls or some old socks. We also think it’s fun to stuff with a few treats for extra encouragement in training. The Bottle Tracker Dog Toy can be used for retrieving, scent recognition, search & rescue training, and contra-band training.

  1. Fill a basic plastic bottle, which acts as a barrier between the scent and the toys’ inner surface, with training treats, ice, or scenting materials and add a few holes for the scent to escape.
  2. Place filled plastic bottle inside the Bottle Tracker toy and seal with the velcro closure
  3. Proceed with training that rewards the dog for desired behavior

Built tough, the Bottle Tracker dog toy is perfect for playing with on land, water or snow.

  • Safe and Strong Construction
  • Machine Wash (with your jeans!), Air Dry
  • Made from Pre-consumer Recycled Materials
  • Made in USA

Buy a Bottle Tracker Dog Toy to Train Your Dog Now

Always supervise pets when playing with toys and purchase toys of appropriate size for your pup!

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