Happy Earth Day 2013


Officially, Earth Day 2013 is April 22. Ideally, awareness of eco friendly and sustainable living habits would be on the minds of consumers every day.

Our top priority at Pup’s Place is the health and well being of your dog. We believe a green lifestyle is at the forefront of a healthy dog and work hard to research safe, non-toxic and eco friendly practices to ensure your dog’s health. We strive to share our findings with consumers through our blog and the quality of products we choose to sell.

I want to personally thank our customers for supporting our green efforts and commend you for making your dog’s health a priority. We know that you have the choice to shop at a variety of pet retailers and we truly appreciate your support.

The power of the consumer is mighty, you speak with your dollar and we’re proud of your voice. We look forward to a day when pupsplace.com isn’t among a small niche market of green retailers and when “green” becomes the norm. Because only then will we feel that we’ve won the battle to make every day an earth day.

Thank you for your patronage and all the best for a fantastic Earth Day 2013!

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