How to Properly Fit a Dog Collar

Ensuring your dog’s collar fits well is an important part of pet safety.

A dog collar that is too tight can be more than just uncomfortable, it can be dangerous to their health. A dog collar that is too tight can restrict the airway and make it difficult for the dog to breathe, it can also cause chaffing or cut the dog’s neck.

A dog collar that is too loose may slip off the dog during a walk and allow the dog to run into dangerous traffic or get lost. A loose collar also poses a risk for getting caught on furniture, trees and bushes or fences which can trap or accidentally suffocate your dog.

To make sure your dog’s collar fits right: measure high around your dog’s neck with a soft measuring tape and add an inch. Measuring around the upper part of your dog’s neck ensures the collar won’t be loose enough to slip off over their ears.

A dog collar should fit comfortably with about the thickness of two fingers for wiggle room.


As your dog grows or fluctuates in weight you will want to make sure to regularly check the fit of their collar. If you found that it’s no longer a good fit, replace it. Click here for safe and cute dog collars that are also eco friendly!

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