How to Safely Clean Dog Toys


The snow started to melt a bit this past week and the pups started to find some long lost toys outside. Of course they were a little grimy from outdoor play time so time to give them an early spring cleaning.

Cleaning dog toys safely is very easy with some trusty vinegar. For one medium-large toy like this Tux see directions below. If you have lots of toys to clean just fill up your sink instead of using a bowl.

  1. Pour 1/3 cup vinegar into a large bowl
  2. Fill the rest of the bowl with hot water
  3. Let soak 15-30 minutes depending on how dirty the toys are
  4. Scrub any remaining dirt off with a soft brush
  5. Rinse in hot water and you’re done!


Toys come out squeaky clean and ready for more play!

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