Indoor Obstacle Course for Dogs

Too cold or wet to play outside? Just like with kids, sometimes you need to get a little creative to keep the dogs entertained. One of our favorite boredom busters is creating an indoor obstacle course using every day objects. In this video you can see how incorporating basic dog commands such as “off” and “shake” can be turned into a fun and rewarding game to keep dog training fun!

Some ideas for household objects that can be used in the obstacle course.

  • Chairs and tables for crawling under or bracing other objects
  • Broom sticks and wrapping paper tubes for jumping over or crawling under
  • Upside down clothes baskets for jumping over

You might also need a little shredded cheese or favorite treat to help encourage participation. Keep the treats very small and don’t use treats to reward every action or your dog will learn to only follow commands if a treat is involved. By mixing up rewards between treats and simple praise you are reinforcing that the dog should follow your command whether or not food is involved.

Remember the goal is to have fun so try not to get frustrated and work at your own dog’s ability level. Stop the training when your dog starts to lose interest or you find yourself getting impatient.

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