Is it Bad if Your Dog is Drinking a Lot of Water

DOG-DRINKING-WATER An increased thirst in your dog could be a sign of a significant health problem.

We recently noticed that we were having to fill up the dog water bowl more frequently. Although we didn’t notice anything strange with either of the dogs we realized one of them must be drinking more water than normal. As we started to keep an eye on the bowl we noticed it was Luca.

He seemed healthy, he was eating fine, playing normally, wasn’t sensitive to touch anywhere, had a wet nose and pink gums but I realized something must be off.

I called the vet’s office and immediately sensed a bit of concern on their end. I scheduled an appointment for the same day and after a quick urine test it was confirmed that he had a very mild bladder infection that was caught (thankfully) very early and should be easily treatable with two weeks of antibiotics.

Many conditions can lead to excessive thirst or dehydration in your dog, including liver disease, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, cancer, diarrhea, fever, infection, and kidney disease.

Lesson learned, if you’re dog is drinking extra water, call the vet!

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