Pet Friendly Summer Travel


Dogs are part of the family and fortunately,  travel with dogs is getting easier now that the travel industry is becoming more pet friendly.

Here are a few of our favorite sites for helping you to plan your next trip with your pup.


This site is pretty all inclusive with lots of planning resources for traveling with dogs including emergency vets, pet sitters and fun places to visit with your dog. Our favorite feature on this site is the search by route feature where you can find pet friendly hotels along your travel route.


This site includes resources on outdoor restaurants and pet friendly accommodations worldwide. Be sure to check out their Dog Events section for some fun ways to plan a pup friendly trip, including pet parades and festivals!


Dreaming of a destination far away but not quite sure how to bring your pup along, this site has all the answers to how your pup can travel safely. Dog friendly cruises, trains, flights and more! Avoid sending your dog via cargo, let them travel in luxury WITH you!

Send us your pics, we’d love to see where your summer travels take you and your pup!

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