Recycle Your Old Dog Toys


Did you know some of your dog’s toys can be recycled when they are no longer suitable for playtime? carries a variety of toys and pet products that can be recycled at the end of their useful life. Learn more about how to recycle your dog’s toys from the list below.

1. All West Paw Design products carried by Pup’s Place – including Hurley, Tux, and Tizzi - can be recycled through the Join the Loop™ recycling program by mailing to.

Join the Loop™
West Paw Design
32050 E. Frontage Road
Bozeman, MT 59715

2. Planet Dog products from the Orbee-Tuff line – including Puppy Bone, Old Soul Dog Bone, Old Soul Ball, Orbee Dog Ball, Glow in the Dark Whistle Ball, Mazee and RecycleBALL – can be sent to the following address to be recycled and made into new dog toys.

Planet Dog
49 York Street
Portland, Maine 04101

3. The Dog Dizzy Puzzle and Dog Pyramid Puzzle from Nina Ottosson can be recycled at most plastic recycling centers.

4. The Just Plain Bumper from Katie’s Bumpers can be recycled with #4 plastics.

If your dog toys are still in good shape but your dog simply has little interest in playing with them, consider recycling in a different way by donating your unwanted toys to a local pet shelter. Even homeless pups need to play!

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