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Green Dog Grooming

dogs-swimming While you might be tempted to forgo regular bathing thinking it’s the more natural route, your dog does need a bath every now and then to remain in good health.

Hard as you might try to live a green lifestyle, your dog’s coat inevitably traps toxins and particles in his fur and on his paws. Wherever you dog goes, he’s sure to pick up traces of substances – from your car, the house, the vet’s office, or even the air outdoors.

Whatever you don’t remove with bathing, your dog is sure to lick off, which can threaten his health even more.

Regular bathing can help remove dust, dirt and grease but you’ll want to be careful to avoid grooming products that may containing toxic chemicals themselves. Remember, you can’t stop your dog from ever licking himself and anything that goes on his coat has a chance of being licked and ingested.

A flea comb can also be used effectively to rid your dog of pests without chemicals.

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