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Best Eco Friendly Toys for Large Dogs

We know big dogs play hard and need toys that can keep up with them. Here are a few of our favorites that hold up to even the toughest dogs!

Our Top 3 Eco Friendly Dog Toys For Large Dogs

stuffable dog toy

1. Tux Interactive Dog Toy

The perfect combination of a tough, stuffable¬†chew toy and a fun, tossable dog toy.¬†Tux is pliable, bounces, and floats – plus it’s guaranteed durable. Big dogs love this interactive and multipurpose toy!

Best Food Dispensing Toys for Dogs

Dogs truly love working for their food, some say it’s because of their animal instinct and others say it’s just because they find it more fun but either way you spin it – dogs truly do seem to enjoy interactive play for food.

If you have a dog that seems to gulp their food down and is at risk for bloat or is a little on the heavy side and could use some extra exercise – ahem, Luca – then you can feed them their entire meal in an interactive toy!

Of course our top treat dispensing dog toys are all non-toxic and fully recyclable as every good dog toy should be!

Our Top, Eco Friendly, Interactive Dog Toys that Dispense Treats

1. Mazee Brain Teaser

mazee dog brain teezer

An engaging toy that “teases” the dog even more since they can actually see the treats inside but need to find a way to get them out!