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Best Puzzle Toys for Dogs

I absolutely love the wooden dog puzzles from Nina Ottosson. These interactive dog toys are great for creating stimulating play with your dog. Keep their minds sharp and enjoy a chance to bond with your dog over these fun toys. Here are a few of our favorites…

These toys are not intended for unsupervised play and are not chew toys.

Our Top Interactive Puzzle Toys for Dogs

1. Dog Worker Wooden Dog Puzzle

The Dog Worker is possibly the most versatile interactive dog game from Nina Ottosson yet. Consisting of liftable pegs, sliding pegs and a rotating center disc, this is the ultimate wooden dog toy puzzle. Depending on how you set up the puzzle, it can be used as a level 1, level 2 or level 3 game for your dog.

Level 1 – Easy: Hide treats in all compartments underneath the rotating disc and underneath all the blocks that can be lifted, and let the dog try to find the treats.

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Busting Dog Boredom

Nina Ottosson dog tornado

Nina Ottosson dog tornado

Well, it is yet another day well below freezing outside in the middle of winter and the dogs are longingly staring out the window. No more squirrels and rabbits to chase, no more rolling in the leaves or long leisurely walks. Winter time means time to find more indoor activities to keep the dogs entertained. Although Emi is quite satisfied curling up for the day with an occasional belly rub, Luca gets a little restless on days like this.

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Top 10 Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers For Dogs


Every good pup deserves a stocking stuffed with non-toxic, safe and earth friendly dog products! So deck the halls and hang the paw shaped stockings to get ready for Santa. If you’re lucky he’ll bring some of these eco-friendly gifts for the family dog to help to make this a very GREEN season.

Here’s our Top Ten List for Eco-friendly Dog Stocking Stuffers:

1. Hemp Geometric Dog Collar

Festive, Christmas collar for any stylish pup!

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Top 10 Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Of course we are one of the many families that purchases Christmas presents for our dogs every year. And what’s better than choosing earth friendly pet products that are just as fun and twice as special. As the number of pet owners celebrating the holidays with their pets increases, we encourage you to consider eco-friendly options for your dog to help to make this a very GREEN season.

Here’s our Top Ten List for Eco-friendly Dog Gifts:

1. Holiday Stuffless Moose Dog Toy

Comes with crinkle paper for added play time with your dog.

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