What Breed of Dog Is That?


It is almost inevitable when out in public that we will be asked “what kind of dog is that?” It doesn’t matter which of the dogs they are talking about, my answer is always “No idea, what do you think?” Truthfully, I have some guesses of my own but it’s more fun to see what other people think first.

Emi usually gets the generic “hound dog” or some guesses of a beagle/pointer mix, unless it’s a child and then they always say “DALMATIAN!” I think it’s more of their excitement at the possibility of seeing one of the 101 Dalmatians walking down the street then any chance of resemblance she has to a Dalmatian. When she was first adopted we were told English Pointer/English Setter mix, we’ve also had a handful of guesses from various vets with one saying “hands down, purebred blue tick.” I have my doubts she is a purebred anything. For those of you wagering a guess out there, she does produce the ocasional Beagle howl but it’s rare. Mostly she goes for for a higher pitched “ow-ow-ow” when she chooses to voice her opinion.

Luca resembles a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (NSDTR) more than anything, but again we have our doubts he’s a purebred of any kind. Considering that a NSDTR more than likely originated from a mix of spaniel, collie and retriever it’s likely he is just a regular old mutt mix of these breeds. I will say he has an eerie habit of howling in his sleep during a full moon, so if that helps anyone make an educated guess please fill me in!

At one point my husband looked into having DNA tests done on the dogs, but while that might be fun we really don’t care about the results. Regardless of what mutt mixtures our pups are, they have the perfect temperaments¬†for our home.

When you’re choosing a new four-legged family member for your home, make sure you’re choosing a dog (regardless of breed or non-breed status) that fits your lifestyle and meshes well with all your family members – 4 legged or 2!

Now, any other guesses what these pups might be?

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