What Dog Bed Style is Best for My Dog

Ever bought a dog bed that your dog had no interest in? It could be it just wasn’t the right style. Here’s a guide to finding the right bed for your dog.

Option 1: Elevated

If you’re constantly catching your dog on the couch or in your favorite chair, this might be a great option for you. Elevated dog beds will help keep your dog warmer when the floor is cool, which may be why your dog is opting for the higher furniture rather than their bed.

Another reason some dogs prefer elevated dog beds is that it allows them to see more, perhaps a better view out the window or to feel closer to your level.

The Eco Drop Dog Bed is one of our favorite, eco friendly, elevated beds. Shop for more colors and styles here.

Option 2: Nested


Have a dog that loves to curl up? Maybe you find them nestled in a basket of clean clothes or digging holes in the backyard to curl up in.

Nested dog beds are perfect for dogs that like to hide, a common issue with nervous or older dogs that like peace and quiet. They are also nice for keeping extra warm.

The Eco-Buttercup Dog Bed is a unique option because you can adjust the nest size or release the cord and lay it flat (also makes for easier cleaning than some nested options. Click here for available colors and sizes.

Option 3: Half Moon


Half moon shaped dog beds are for dogs that like a little versatility. Dogs can stretch out or curl up next to the bolster depending on their mood.

Having an open side also makes it easier for older dogs to climb in and out of.

The Adelaide Dog Bed is an all natural and durable option available in multiple colors and sizes for every type of dog. Click here to choose the right fit for your pup.

Option 4: Pillow Dog Bed

MP.LP-002 - Dog on Pillow-Leaves in Blue

Great for dogs that like some extra padding when they stretch out. If your dog sleeps on their side or with extended legs, chances are they will prefer the roomier style of a pillow dog bed.

Pillow Dog Beds are often easy to wash as well with zippered covers. We love this eco friendly option because fur just wipes right off! Click to learn more.

Option 5: Travel Pads


Travel dog beds are a great option for dogs on the go. They can be used in the car, in crates, on a hotel floor or during a quick trip to grandma’s house.

Dogs don’t always need an extra plump bed to lie on but they appreciate a little padding when it’s time to rest. Travel pads can be thrown in the washer and are lightweight for easy packing.

The Eco Nap Dog Bed is a versatile as they get. Shop here for your pup on the go.

Still wondering which bed is the best fit for your pup? ¬†Ask in the comments section below and we’ll help you pick the perfect one. Or, shop our other options here.

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